Politics of Car Theft

About the Project:

How and why do individuals decide to steal cars? Can we understand why some neighborhoods and cities are more vulnerable to this crime than others? St. Petersburg has experienced an increase of car thefts in recent years, with journalists and politicians unable to explain why. In this research project, we will answer these questions as we create a comprehensive dataset of grand theft auto in St. Petersburg. First-year research associates will get the opportunity to study individual car theft incidents, learn about the neighborhoods where the crime most frequently occurs, and participate in local governance by visiting local meetings on the topic.

The First-Year Research Associate Program at Eckerd College honors academically outstanding students with awards of up to $1,000. The program also provides the opportunity, during the freshman year, for the award winners to work closely with a sponsor (faculty or administrative personnel) on a project of mutual interest. Associates might assist with research for faculty publication or new courses, conduct scientific experiments, work with creative artists, or develop projects related to any phase of the academic, cultural, and social life of the college. Scholars are selected on the basis of achievement in high school and on the creativity and depth of responses to items on this application.​

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