Investigating Urban Fishing in Tampa Bay

About the Project:

Work with Dr. Noëlle Boucquey to investigate shore fishing practices in the Tampa Bay Area. This project is investigating both the history and current practices of fishing in Tampa Bay, particularly amongst food-insecure individuals. Research tasks will include both archival work online and in-person fieldwork. The archival component includes searching historic newspaper databases going back approximately 100 years, reading and thematically classifying these stories, and saving reports to the project database. The fieldwork component will consist of participant observation of fishing practices around Tampa Bay. Particularly if social distancing is still necessary, this will consist primarily of fishing (we have poles at Eckerd) in various locations and making careful observations about those locations and the fishing practices of others. You will be instructed in ethnographic research methods including participant observation prior to engaging in these activities. If social distancing guidelines are relaxed, fieldwork may also include interviewing or surveying fishers.

The First-Year Research Associate Program at Eckerd College honors academically outstanding students with awards of up to $1,000. The program also provides the opportunity, during the freshman year, for the award winners to work closely with a sponsor (faculty or administrative personnel) on a project of mutual interest. Associates might assist with research for faculty publication or new courses, conduct scientific experiments, work with creative artists, or develop projects related to any phase of the academic, cultural, and social life of the college. Scholars are selected on the basis of achievement in high school and on the creativity and depth of responses to items on this application.​

Online submission due no later than February 1, 2021.

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